Welcome to Heart-Conscious Communication!

I am thrilled that you are interested in this topic.  I have a passion for doing and sharing this work that has so profoundly helped me and others in our personal, interpersonal and professional lives.   I hope you find all that you are looking for, and more, as you browse through the content.  Please feel free to contact me if you don’t.  I will be delighted to help with any questions you may have that are not answered on this website.

Enjoy your visit!

Wishing you a rewarding journey on your path to communicating consciously and from the heart.

Warmly, Karen Fogliatti


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi, Karen;
    I’m really excited to discover your workshop plans in Putney starting this coming week. I’m new to Putney, and I just recently read Marshall Rosenburg’s book, “Nonviolent Communication.” The timing is perfect.
    Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that I can sign up. Thank you.

    May peace and blessings be upon you.
    Hedaya Livingstone

  2. Hi Karen, looks great, I just donated book I finished, Hearts and Hands Creating Community In Violent Times, by Luis Rodriguez 2003

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