About the Course

What it is

Everyone has some trouble with someone in their life from time to time.  Nonviolent Communication (NVC) skills can help you navigate those difficult encounters and end up with positive results that you never thought possible.

NVC gives you a “map” of how to stand up for yourself without attacking, blaming, withdrawing or giving in, how to support the other to do the same, and still be authentic and hold the connection with care.  NVC nurtures a consciousness that moves beyond right/wrong thinking by transforming judgments that block real resolution.  This transformation of judgments happens by connecting with the underlying needs and feelings that give rise to our distress. Since NVC works on the assumptions that all behavior is trying to meet a need, that needs are universal, and that everyone’s needs matter, understanding and acknowledging these needs can create a shared basis for connection, cooperation, and more globally – peace.)

Why You Should Take This Course 

If you identify with any of these symptoms then this is the course for you:

  • You get caught in the same old arguments.
  • You can stand up for yourself, but you lose friends or connections.
  • You keep friends by “being nice,” letting go of your needs, and then build up resentment.
  • You fold or explode when things get hot.
  • You dictate rather than guide and support.
  • You give “feedback” that alienates rather than contributes.
  • And/or you practice other life-alienating patterns.

What You Can Learn

NVC provides alternatives to our typical ways of interacting with ourselves and others that haven’t served us well.  NVC builds awareness of our old ineffective habits and empowers us to replace them with skills to:

  • feel competent and confident in the heat of difference.
  • be authentic while simultaneously holding the connection.
  • nurture self-connection to understand and heal our triggers.
  • build a repertoire of skills to help in any situation.
  • get to a resolution you can both feel good about.
  • use conflict for personal growth and enhanced relationships.

Who Can Benefit?

NVC skills can help transform any interaction into a more positive, meaningful one and so can benefit:  Individuals, couples, families, neighbors, teachers, students, employers, employees, management, co-workers, mediators, court personnel, therapists, social change activists, child-care providers, members of organizations, religious groups, health and human services, ….. Anyone from any walk of life!

The trainings are offered in a variety of settings and time frames and are tailored to fit the needs of the group.

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