Graduates of the course have  expressed the many ways that the workshop has enhanced their life:

  • This course is life-changing.  You might find out things about yourself that you never wanted to know.  But if you can break through that denial, a brave new world will open up to you.
  • In 30-some years of various kinds of therapy and self-help activities, NVC has offered the clearest theory and most specific and useful applications of it of any of them.
  • It’s radically transforming.
  • I learned that a difference doesn’t mean right or wrong…  What was outstanding was the possibility of shifting away from blaming self or other….  The skills bring hope and freshness to long-term relationships.  It’s not easy to break old habits, but the course introduced new possibilities and we could feel that right away.
  • If more people took this course, we would have a whole different world.  I feel more skillful and confident in interacting with everyone.
  • I learned to approach conflict with the purpose of understanding and growing….  I learned to take more risks to express feelings and needs and engage the other person.
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